The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge

The 30 Day Happiness Challenge. discover life purpose and passion tips, activities, and self improvement tips. All to guide you live a happy life.

When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.

18 Beautiful Bible Verses

When I call you to go through the deep waters I will be with you! I will not let you sink nor let the waves overcome you! When you walk through the fire you will not get burned! I am the Lord thy God [paraphrase]

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The older I get, the more selective I am about my tribe. I would rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies

Pslam 56:3

Bible Verse of the Day Trust in the Lord he will guide you and help you when your heart is troubled. The Lord knows his plan and all we need to do is trust in God and Jesus.

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There is a reason God didn't put eyes in the back of our heads. Stop turning around, continue moving forward & have faith that God has your back.

God-sized approval is unique It washes over our souls...wish I would have known long before poor choices and identifying as not good enough.

What I Wish My Younger Self Knew About God-Sized Approval

It takes discipline to fight the enemy and the self-defeating thoughts he relentlessly whispers through our minds.It can be broken down into 3 Intentional efforts.


May God bless the woman deep within me, the woman I'm trying to be. May He mend where my heart is broken & fill every empty space. May God erase the fears of my past, to create in me a brighter future. May He make me slow to anger & quick to forgive.

God is so amazing. I may forget to pray all the time but he knows my heart, he knows I'm not selfish (unless it comes to love) and he knows I always. . always try my hardest.

Always pray to have eyes that see the best, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forget the bad and a soul that never loses faith.

God doesn't happen overnight

Becoming a woman of God does not happen overnight. To become the woman that God desires for us to be, He takes is through a lifelong journey that teaches us how to love Him with our heart, body, soul, and spirit.