very cool and quite simple in it's negative space!...Moon-City

very cool and quite simple in it's negative space!Moon-City Really interesting design and i love the use of the negative space.

Logo Design inspiration

really like the 'L' logo type- beautiful visual element and logotype underneath. The illustration almost detail is vey beautiful on the eye. Could either re-create this look, or could just re-create a logotype without a main symbol element aswell

13 Cool, Cute & Small Tattoos of Symbols (Part the connect one since we are apart right now

illustrations 2014 - part 01 by Monsta, via Behance - that sigarette smoke is intriguing

Un café caliente                                                                                                                                                      Más

Un café caliente. One hot coffee. Also a little like me after the first cup, but the first frame would be eyes closed.

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