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Uncovering the Good Stuff for Discerning Travellers

Source: Colors of Greece from GoDo Australia via Anna-Maria Siavelis (via Glubbs Glubbs)

Source: Casa Batlló, Barcelona, España from Bechir Ouni (via Filip Kuhtic)

Source: Sukhothai, Thailand from TripStory

Source: Indian women from Permsiri Yodkaew (via Eileen Wood)

Source: Buenos Aires!! from Expedia (via Aneiko H.)

Source: Lusikisiki Eastern Cape, South Africa from Permsiri Yodkaew (Noel Dandes)

Source: Nubia , Egypt from Permsiri Yodkaew (via Karen Krueger)

Source: Mausoleum of Baba Taher, Iran from Permsiri Yodkaew

Source: Panjin, China from Meg Morrissey via Ben (via Adeline Chang)

Source: Hong Kong, China from Vesper Fawkes (via Martina Deronja)

Source: England from Vesper Fawkes

Source: Capri, Italy from Vesper Fawkes

Source: West End Sunset, Glasgow, Scotland from Emmy D' (via Dave Lambert)

Source: Aerial beach view from Ekua Impraim

Source: Dali (on the stairs) at the Philadelphia Museum of Art from Mary Blake (via Karen Brand Rogoff)

Source: Ceiling of the Versailles Chapel from Justin Bobick (via Ashley McElmurry via Sabyl Willis)

Source: National Gallery visitors contemplate The Vendramin Family by Titian. Photograph: Alex Segre/Alamy from Claire Bresson (via Omer Pesquer)

Source: Richmond Holocaust Museum from Kendra Clauser

Source: Tate Museum London from Douglas Fisher (via Lori LaFave via Imperio Jp)

Source: Salvador Dali Museum Stair from Douglas Fisher (via Lori LaFave via Michael McCune)

Source: Ha Noi, Vietnam - They have Ho Chi Minh's top half of his body perserved in this building (waist up). I didn't get to go in here because there was a dress code of below the knees and covered shoulders, so instead we all went into his museum next door. from Memorie Stults

Source: Hang Nga Guesthouse a.k.a Crazy House (Vietnam.) The house is owned by the daughter of the ex-president of Vietnam, who studied architecture in Moscow. It does not comply with any convention about house building, has unexpected twists and turns, roofs and rooms. It looks like a fairy tale castle, it has enormous “animals” like a giraffe and a spider, no window is rectangular or round, and it can be visited like a museum. from Shannon Mannila

Source: Museum in Vietnam from Jessica Josafat