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"Aprendí a leer y mi soledad encontró compañía, el silencio se pobló de voces, el vacío se llenó de fantasías. En los libros encontré lo que necesitaba, ahora es mío el mundo, y hasta una porción de la eternidad" Sara Sefchovich
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The Kitchen Encyclopedia from 1911

11 Vintage Cookbooks (1861-1920)

The Kitchen Encyclopedia – 1911 Like other recipe indexes in this list, this title was created as an advertisement –this time for Swift’s Oleomargarine. Aside from recipes, this book also provides household cleaning tips and gardening advice

reading in the grass

Lifelong reading, writing and similar activities might improve your mental capacities when you are older.


Photo by Fox Harvard, “Read the best books first, or you may not have a chance to read them at all.

Francine Van Hove

Detail from "Un peu de rouge" / "A bit of red." - Francine Van Hove (b.