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Soft Pink and Dove Grey: An Alternative Fall Colour Palette

Dusty pink, dusty blue, and grey wedding colors With cosy, soft and feminine tones, this pink and grey fall wedding inspiration is perfect if you don't want the traditional Autumn wedding colours.

This Is Probably The Best Story To Ever Come Out Of A Starbucks


"And that's the story of how there are 8 lesbians climbing through the window into Dale's room." What a glorious story. The bigot girlfriend is in for a bit of a shock!

I'm a shirt person so I can't relate to any of these but I'm pinning anyway

I'm short and i hit my head on everything. I feel sorry for mu BFF she's 6 ft tall<<< I'm pretty tall for my age and yes all of these

This made me laugh out loud.

Tumblr working its magic

Mahatma Gandhi: super calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis

Que Cabra Frouxo

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One time I said I would eat my French friend in Spanish and my teacher was laughing so hard.< that's beautiful

I automatically read "french friend" as "French Fries" so I was confused when he acknowledged the mistake because I didn't even notice it.