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Hair Tutorial with @luxyhair on @kassinka

Hair Tutorial for half-up boho braids. So pretty hairstyle for school, summer or even party.

Flat Abs in 5 Minutes: Proven in a lab!  20% better than a crunch for defining the front of your abs!

Side Bend Twist Start in side plank on right, left foot staggered in front of right for balance. Extend left arm above head. Sweep left arm under stomach, twisting torso until facedown (as shown); return to start. Do 12 reps; repeat on opposite side

For flatter abs, check out these 7 pilates moves.

☆ This is just like the Pilates workout video we used to do. Good 10 minute ab workout For flatter abs, check out these 7 pilates moves.

Get rid of blackheads

Being 39 weeks pregnant and having not been feeling too good, I asked Olivia to model one of my FAVORITE beauty DIYs ! This is a recipe on how to make your own Biore strips that you can use just on your nose, like you would a Biore strip, or you c