T.A. Maclagan

T.A. Maclagan

Author of They Call Me Alexandra Gastone, May 20th, 2015
T.A. Maclagan
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little canvas photos on wall

If you want some too visit my website or pop along to the Handmade and Vintage Fair at Leigh Community Centre, Leigh-on-Sea on Saturday September - Photo by Luke Ballard.

Take a photo in each state you're in, and replace the state on the map with that photo. Love this!

Great idea for traveling or road trips. Get a big map of the US, and take a picture when you visit a new state. Cut the picture out in the shape of the state, and glue to the map! I'm definitely doing this!

A map from your vacation + your favorite picture from the trip. Love this idea

Map Picture Frames DIY Map Mat: using a craft knife, trim maps to cover photo mats from your favorite frames. When finished, lay the map on top of the mat (you don't even have to tape it), and cover with the glass. We used a West Elm white gallery frame.

Save maps, tickets, and pictures from abroad to create travel memories wall art

Alphabet Frame Vacation Craft Idea - Cut out letters in poster board and place vacation pictures behind the cutouts. Place the pictures and board in a shadow box with momentous from your tip. What a fabou way to remember a trip!