Laterns to guide the Fae for Litha/Midsummer's Eve.

Catching Fairies with Mason Jars. Cover the outside of the jars with various amounts of tissue paper. Then light a candle on the inside. Great for a summers night. Better effect with more mason jars!

Treasured moments: vintage nostalgia comes to Somerset - Spring weddings - YouAndYourWedding

Treasured moments: vintage nostalgia comes to Somerset

What about something like this, for center pieces, painted black, with red candles and pearl beads for white

Group of beautiful Victorian lampshades from Nightshades designer Christine Kilger that feature exquisite hand-beaded shades, period lamp bases and rare antique fabrics and embellishments circa 1860-1930. These lamps are hand made with luxurious antique fabrics, vintage materials, shimmering beads and light that create one-of-a-kind lighting that brings a romantic, bohemian elegance to any room. Her clients include Nordstrom, Stevie Nicks, Sue Wong, Carly Simon and Courtney Love.

Christine Kilger's Nightshades are one-of-a-kind victorian lampshades with hand-beaded shades on period lighting fixtures and are designed and created with rare antique fabrics, appliqués and embellishments circa

Tablescape with white taper candles, brass candlesticks, and a center garland of ferns. Simple, elegant and romantic.

Tablescape - foliage and we can add flowers (any colour) with our gold taper candle holders. Simple, elegant and perfect for oblong tables.



Beautiful outdoor table set with gold candlesticks and ivory candles, elegant table decor.

Paris flea Market Crystal Hanging Candelier,,,gorgeous |

Paris flea Market Crystal Hanging Chandelier - really hard to believe but dripless candles would be a must.