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Make you holla.... On this website- select what part of your body you want to work on and it will give you different exercises for that specific area.


2O minute workout : 15 jumping jacks - 30 second plank- 25 side crunches - another 30 second plank- 25 scissor kicks- 35 sit ups -20 high kicks- 3 min of dancing or running -15 squats.


Drift Off to Sleep With This Yoga Sequence

Extended Puppy For your tight shoulders and upper back, this pose will feel amazing. From Child's Pose, slide your hands and chest away from your feet so your hips are over your knees. Stay like this for five deep breaths.


A Stomach-Shrinking Meal Plan Fit For Summer

A Stomach-Shrinking Meal Plan - Consider making a meal plan for yourself from our LITlicious healthy recipes handbook. Planning ahead will help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

MP45 is a 45 day gym based workout that conditions you to build muscle and become as lean or big as you want.