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Tamarah Watson
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Tamarah Watson

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I am an Artist , Quilter, Scrapbooking and interested in many things such as Interior Decorating, Anthropology, Gardening, Traveling, Spiritual growth, Architec

Stay-ing Alive: New Attitudes about Old Clothes: A Pair of Summer Stays, or, Why I Wear a Neck Handkerchief.

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Essential Oils for Arthritis

I remember the flash on my mothers camera. I thought I was going to go blind, due to it being so bright! lol

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake – this is THE BEST fall cheesecake ever | rasamalaysia.com

Long Hair Dachshund Christmas Delivery

Shop for Cards - Dachshund - Dachshund - Christmas Delivery (Black & Tan). Just love this Christmas card and since I really can't afford to send out cards this year; consider this my card to you.

Are you tired of fighting about money? These tips will help couples get on the same page with their finances and stop money fights.

Ebola Virus Pandemic Prevention tips, pandemic supplies and news: The deadly strike of Ebola is sweeping fear close to home.Here's how to prepare for an Ebola pandemic:http://www.happypreppers.com/ebola.html

Chances are, we won't have to deal with a pandemic. But wouldn't it be better to be prepared if the worst happened? I sure think so! Here are a few basic tips for preparing for a pandemic that you can do today! #ClarksCondensed

Creamy, buttery garlic and herb mashed potatoes made right in the slow cooker! These are the easiest, best tasting mashed potatoes you will ever make!

Steak marinated in juice, herbs and spices, then chargrilled to delicious perfection all wrapped up in fresh corn tortillas. These carne asada street tacos are fantastic!

Slow Cooker Carne Asada Steak Tacos (with Chipotle Aioli Sauce)- a quick and easy dinner that is totally restaurant-worthy! SixSistersStuff.com