Marilyn Monroe.

On the 50th Anniversary of Her Death, Here are 10 Celebs Who Have Rocked the 'Marilyn Monroe' on the Red Carpet

The eternal Hollywood and fashion icon Marilyn Monroe, never forgotten and always remembered. Fab Fashion Fix brings Milton Greene photoshoot of Marilyn from

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe~ Is she Pole Dancing? The Original Pole Dancer

marilyn being marilyn

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Dotted Dress

Marilyn Monroe 1952 Life magazine Photo by Philippe Halsman

Marilyn Monroe (born Norma Jeane Mortenson, - American actress, model and singer. - Life Magazine Photo by Philippe Halsman, Love her Hollywood glam.

Marilyn Monroe (1962)

The June 1962 Bert Stern shoot photos) for Vogue magazine, six weeks before her death at age For one brief moment, the Marilyn mask slips off before the camera & you catch a glimpse of the real woman. Marilyn was a character Norma Jean created.

a haunting photo of Marilyn Monroe, 1956

Quiet Moment Marilyn Monroe At a restaurant in New York City in March Classic Hollywood Stars Vintage Style