I'm not a fan of punk-band song lyric tattoos usually, and I don't know why....... but this could be cute for sisters. (smaller... and in a different spot.)

you be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground.and you be the wings that keep my head in the clouds. Good for BFFs or sisters? Katie says that she is the wings and her sister is the anchor.

Husband and wife fingerprint tattoo I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Husband and wife fingerprint tattoo; i would do this with my kids finger prints instead.

Music + People tat..hmmm not likeing the people but i do like the music part..may i should do something like this around my ankle only a lil more demented to go with my nikki sixx tattoos??? hmmmm

Here, in this article we’ll talk about Music Tattoo Designs for Men and Women both. These musical tattoo designs are preferred either by the musical

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#tattoo  #tattoos  #bodyart  #piercing omg this would be cool on your side or back

An enthralling and mysterious guitar tree tattoo. The design is done in grayscale ink with the exception of the single apple inked in red. The overall feel of the tattoo is mysterious yet enchanting, giving it a truly unique vibe.

Couples tattoo. Like the saying, not the placement

"Better together. We are so doing this! This is the title of our wedding song :)" .our wedding song too! love this