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snow white & rose red

Anne-Julie Aubry “Snow-White & Rose-Red” digital printing with acrylics and pencils on Arches paper 5 x 7 inches 11 x 15 inches framed - Inspired by the text of: Snow-White and Rose-Red, Brothers Grimm

Little Red - Sam Weber

little red riding hood illustration, wonderfully stylized wolf!

snow white

nσs єmpєñαmσs єn вuscαr lα fєlícídαd cαdα díα ч nσ nσs dαmσs cuєntα dє quє єs єllα quíєn tíєnє quє єncσntrαrnσs .

red and a bad bad wolf by Kasia Bajerowicz

Little Red Riding Hood: Illustration by Kasia Bajerowicz

by Guririn

red-lipstick: “ Lockjaw - Little Red Riding Hood, 2009 Digital Art ”

red and the wolf by Tara Jacoby

Little Red Riding Hood, Tara Jacoby

by Yuki Miyazaki

Little Red Riding Hood illustrated / Le Petit Chaperon Roug illustré

Anthea Brown -amazing take to illustration; also an amazing fine artist

Anthea Brown: Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale / cappuccetto rosso fiaba

Illustration by Noma Bar  Source: Flyer Design Goodness

Little Red Riding Hood - Le Petit Chaperon Rouge

by Margaret Evans Price

Little Red Riding Hood Margaret Evans Price

papercut, Cheong-ah Hwang

Alice, Star Wars and Super Heroes – Awesome Papercuts by Cheong-ah Hwang

Little Red Riding Hood paper sculpture by Cheong-ah Hwang. Just gorgeous.

red and the wolf

Galia Zin'ko - Little Red Riding Hood

by Martina Peluso

Little Red Riding Hood - Le petit Chaperon Rouge - Martina Peluso

by Kathy Hare

Little Red Riding Hood - Le petit Chaperon Rouge - Kathy Hare