Sad! They don't know they are missing.

Hunger games<<< no honey Percy Jackson ok, at least the hunger games movies are slightly similar << tbh most of the movies based on books suck



Love both movies Oh my god I watched The Hunger Games and Catching Fire before I saw Frozen and when I did see the part where Kristoff says "That is Mahogany" I'm like "OH MY GOD IT'S THE HUNGER GAMES." But I never realized the other similarities.

// don't let them steal your smile //

Haha whoops, I accidentally finished two books in a day. my bad u_u''<<< "accidentally "

Why is this not a thing?

Glow sticks only last for so long so, how.>>>>it doesn't have to be glow sticks, the book just have to have a special paper that glows in the dark and changes colour.

Don't make me cry

Don't make me cry. I didn't know newt died I am crying so hard right now and I wished Id never seen this post


this falls into too many movie categories for me to simply put it into another board.

hunger games!

Almost as badly as I want JK Rowling to write a second HP series involving either the newest generation or Harry's parents while they were at school.I think I may have to write a fanfic for this.

Next time someone says Peeta Mellark is a weakling that doesn't do anything........ I will show them this.

I hate when people call Peeta whiny, he went through just as much if not more than Katniss and he handled it arguably better. Peeta is just as much a role model as Katniss

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