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A Scary Way To Decorate Your Lawn - Neatorama

A Scary Way To Decorate Your Lawn - Neatorama- Yes, I am having a fascination of using baby dolls as decorations this year for Halloween. Glad I am NOT the only one that has thought this. LOL (I would make them creepier and on the attack)

cover styrofoam heads with cheese cloth and hang from the ceiling

Cheesecloth Spirits using styrofoam mannequin heads, place eye hook at the top of head then fishing line to hang. (and I never know what to do with my styrofoam mannequin heads!

Vintage Creepy Halloween Costume

Vintage Creepy Halloween Costume (Seriously, what the HELL is this even supposed to be? Gives me the creeps, big time.

Creepy Halloween inspiration

Over the years as people get to know you, they start to give you stuff they think you'd like. In my case that would be interesting garbage, .