Paul Komoda art

Great master of creating beautiful, gothic, horrific and twisted image with very tight structure, one of the artist inspired me alot.
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the godzilla is standing on its hind legs
Dreadful Future
an image of some kind of creature sketches
Tweet / Twitter
an alien statue is displayed on a table
Paul Komoda's Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep Non-scale Resin Model Kit from Gecco Corp
a drawing of a man with blood on his face
a black and white drawing of a woman with her arms spread out in the air
เบื้องหลัง the thing 2011 กับงาน sculpture ในเรื่องครับ
an old drawing of some strange creatures in the middle of a page with writing on it
an image of some kind of artwork that is in the middle of a drawing book
Whippoorwill Hollow
Paul Komoda’s Sketchbook
Ink, Fictional Characters, Gothic, Character, Humanoid Sketch
a close up of a statue of a man's face
Ian McKellen/ Magneto head sculpt for Toybiz 2000
a drawing of a dragon with flowers on its back
My version of the Ultraman Taro monster, Astromons. 2010 This became the basis of a vinyl figure I was called upon to sculpt in 2014.
a drawing of an old man with long hair and beard holding his hands to his mouth
The deformed archivist of a cryptic library from a dream I had in '88.