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From light tales of legends and love to dark stories of ancient beasts and angry wives, 13th Hour will delight you, mystify you and perhaps make you cringe.

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Mythology Hermes

Mythology Pantheon

Ancient Mythology

Gods Messenger

Hermes Messenger

Mythology Greek Roman Egyptian

Roman Mythology

Gods Hermes

Ward Hermes

"Hermes" Find out what it's really like working for the gods in this humorous take on various Greek legends surrounding the god Hermes.

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Cute Baby Animals

Animals 3

Animal Babies

Animals Photos

Precious Animals

Funny Animals

Animal Cuties

Animals Gallery

African Animals

"Bahati's Birthday" A baby elephant faces poachers on his first day of life.

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Favorite Things

Favorite Quotes

Favorite Photos

Favorite Word

Photography Ideas

Favorite Photography

Amazing Photography

Strictly Photography

Photography Practice

"Addiction" Can dreams be addictive? One man says yes and risks everything to keep dreaming. Read the complete story for free at

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Tammie Painter: Writer & Artist

Ulta Beauty

Beauty Tips

Makeup Beauty

Hair Beauty

Hair Makeup

Makeup Bag

Makeup Nails

Things Beauty

Girly Things

"Illusions" In a tough economy, a former-scientist finds his cross-dressing act is the best paying job he can get...if he can manage not to stoke the anger of his co-workers.

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Photography Couples

Photography Inspirations

Powerful Photography

Real Epiphany

Growing Old Together

Gentle Reminder

A Kiss

Silly Kiss

Feel Kiss

"Century Acres" Forgotten by their families, an elderly couple find true love at Century Acres.

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Time Hdr

Cranes Friends

Heron Uuurrrggg


Hdr Photos





"The Heron" A man with a criminal background tries to love a mysterious woman, but his greed spells her demise.

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Eyfs Maths

Preschool Maths

Weighing Scales

Weighing Clay

Cheap Weighing

Paperwoodvintage 35

35 00

Early Number

Scales Floor

"Feeding Suspicions" A wife who suspects her husband is cheating on her, attempts to feed him to death.

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Man Falls

Wife Falls

Antiqua Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 3Rd

Paleo Christian Art

Early Christian

Antiqua Roma

Art Represent

Roman Sarcophagi

"Desmond, Casey and The Stonemason" A wealthy man falls in love with Roman sarcophagi. His wife falls in love with the mason who carves him one.

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Anni Albers Bauhaus

Josef Albers

Tablet Weaving Kaartweven

Albers Card

Weaving Amazing

Weaving Carpets Wallpaper

Lesson Fiber

Embroidery Weaving Textiles

College Nc

"The Weaver" Find out what can go wrong when the strands of your life get in the hands of a cocky rookie weaver.

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13Th Hour

Apple A


The Road

Road Hours

Desolate Road

Road Scenes

The Studio


"Apple" A man must face a difficult choice as he and his wife struggle through a post-apocalyptic world.

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Portland S Steel

Portland Oregon Home

Roses Portland

River Portland

Places Portland

Portland Bridges

Portland Foodie

Oregon America'S

Portland Metro

"The Toad" Portland, Oregon, is the backdrop for this retelling of a medieval Italian folk story.

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Sarah Moon

Photographer Sarah

Big Bad Wolf

Big Teeth

Who S Afraid


Le Petit

Red Ridinghood

Little Red

"Family Secrets" When Caleb disobeys his parents on their night out, he learns more about his family than he ever could have imagined.

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Quarter Vending

Mmmm 0

Machine Blues

Yearly Salary

Ya Ya'S

13Th Hour

Etsy 125

0 25

Vending Machines

"Purge" You may never pick up a quarter again.

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Blackberry Check

Wallet Blackberry

Accessories Purses

Leather Accessories

Blackberry Repairs

Styles Jewellery

Miu Wallet

Lookbook Bags

Purses Handbags Etc

"The Text" - Make sure you know who (and what) your friends are before responding to their texts. It could save your life.

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Photo Traffic

Nina Papiorek

Taxi Cabs

Car Girls

Yellow Cabs

Yellow Taxi

Yellow Submarine

York Yellow

Nyc Street

"Transcription of Taxi 6473" A police transcriptionist forces his sergeant to examine the truth when an Egyptian god claims a New York taxi driver.

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Meat Dessert

Meat Snack

Food Meat

Steak Porn

Steak Steak


Yum Meat

Beef Meat

Awesome Mans

"L'Uomo Cotto" - A struggling restauranteur brings his place back from the brink and helps solve the over-population problem.

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