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Tammy Allee
Tammy Allee

Tammy Allee

Lumberjack model with plywood fin hand-foiled by Gully

Glass on log rhythm fin, by Gully, is standard on the log rhythm model.

Almond Surf Thump with mahogany D-fin by Gully.

Glass on plywood or mahogany keels, by Gully, are standard on the Almond Pogie.

Glass-on plywood twin + trailer fins, by Gully, are standard on the Almond Mailbox.

Almond Pogie Fish - Twin fins by Gully

Gully and Jack - synchronized surfing

I cut the ears, mane & noses out of tissue paper & used a permanent marker for the eyes.

Sunshine latex balloon arch

Noah's Ark Welcome Baby

love the zoopals plates. "Noah's Ark" Party by Treasures and Tiaras Kids Parties, via Flickr

Noah's Ark Themed Baby Shower

In the glassing on process by Clutch at Waterman's - Surf Thump fin by Gully for Almond Surfboards

Gully-crafted Almond fin ready for glassing by Waterman's

Maple fin foiled by Gully for Jack's new Almond board

Glassed on twin fins for an Almond Secret Menu Hand-foiled by Gully,

Gully-crafted handplane from Okoume wood with mahogany panels, ready to be shipped

Glass over raw plywood, my friend Gully #handshaped these #woodfins for @almondsurfboards he shapes all the #fins for every board they make

A new batch of Almond boards with Gully-crafted fins, being glassed by Waterman's

DIY Christmas ornament. Use a map of the state or country you grew up in, favorite vacation spot, town you got married, etc.....great as a gift!!

Gully cutting out a hand plane.

Gully ready to sand another hand plane