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3 Healthy Strawberry Snacks for Valentine's Day

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats Made with Strawberries

Just a quick post today! You can turn fabric scraps into little origami stars. I made these right before the holidays and the bunting is safely packed away with our Christmas decorations. ...

Fabric Star Bunting

My heart just melted. I love that I have friends who care enough to send this to me. Thank you, Leslie! You're the best! <3

Different teeth in vampire from movies

A Therapist's Prescription for Better Mental Health - Sharon Martin Counseling & Personal Growth

This week we are focusing on being happy and learning how to find happiness RIGHT where you are, at this VERY moment. Whether you are single or married – have seven kids or none- each of us will go through challenges, trials and really REALLY hard days. Today I wanted to talk about finding happiness in … Read more...

10 Habits Of A Happy Woman - Today's the Best Day

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Plushka Easter Collection + Free Handmade Heart!