Glue magnets to ornaments. What a fun way to add some holiday spirit to your classroom! Think about decking out your filing cabinet.

Our Holly Jolly Holiday Gift Guide

Glue an ornament to a magnet and voila instant holiday cuteness! Im am totally doing this with some cheap Christmas ball ornaments come holiday time! Cute gifts too! Paint merry Christmas in the bulbs for extra holiday cheer

So cute! Mix half Elmers glue and half shaving cream - it dries puffy like this. LOVE THIS IDEA!! MUST REMEMBER

Winter craft: mix equal parts shaving cream and Elmer's glue to make a snowman (it dries puffy! Decorate with construction paper, beads, glitter, or fabric.

Snowflakes made with a puzzle from the dollar store!

What to do with all of those puzzles with missing pieces, puzzle piece snowflake ornaments. I bet you could get puzzles at GoodWill.

tree made of stars - cute as a class project for the holidays - would be great on the door!

back to school tree made of stars - Christmas bulletin board idea Classroom Door Decorations Classroom Organization

Penguins made out of water bottles. :)

Your students will think that these penguin projects are "COOL!" Use water bottles, cotton balls, wiggly eyes, and construction paper to create these cute winter penguins. *Could even do some Penguin bowling

cute....eazy to buy a puzzle at Goodwill for under a dollar!

Puzzle piece reindeer- these are so fun and easy to make! Get a puzzle with lots of brown and green at the dollar store. Use green to make a wreath, brown to make reindeer. Add a little glitter paint to the antlers or the wreath and a pin on the back.

Paper plate snowman

How to Make Christmas Ornaments

Snowmen Ornaments - Get into the spirit of holiday decorating by making your own Christmas ornaments. Here you'll learn how to make snowmen ornaments.

Christmas Rudolph.

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Paper plate craft

Santa craft made with paper plate, cotton balls and paper.cute for photos! Future for kids