tammy bailey

tammy bailey

Atlanta, Georgia / Second Grade Teacher
tammy bailey
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I absolutely love using a morning meeting to begin our day. In the book it says, “morning meetings help to create a climate of trust that encourages children to take risks.” I agr…

teaching resources for the culturally responsive classroom!

In order to effectively teach students of diverse backgrounds and experiences, teachers must build upon the differences and highlight the unique attributes of their students to connect them with the material.

Election ideas.

"If I Was President, I Would ." For this assignment, students create a flag background and design their portraits on top. These colorful projects and creative writing assignments would make an eye-catching Presidents' Day bulletin board display.

books about presidents and elections for children

Week Presidential Election Books to go with the theme for this unit. These are lower than a third grade reading level but might be good for transitions or fun reads after lunch or recess or in personal reading time.