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Stitch game hella strong no needle n thread tho this style was so much fun think I'll do a quick tutorial on this, baby hair & all LOL. Yay or nay ?

Cornrows Natural Hair Puff Curly KinkyHair 2017 2018 Hairstyles for black,African American Mixed Biracial Women colored Dyed Hair updo half up half down fulani felani braids flat twists bronze brown brunette dark blonde orange ginger redhead clear skin

Twisted updo time! 1) Separate hair into three sections. 2) Braid the two back sections up towards the front of your head. 3) Secure ends of the braids in the centre of the top section of hair. 4) Twist all the loose hair. 5) Pin twists until you have a cinnabon like shape atop your head. 6) WERRRRRKKK! SLAAAYYYY! etc. Hahaha. The end. #naturalupdo #twists

There are many things that can trigger thinning hair. Whether it be stress, genetics or other factors, hair thinning has become common.

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