Instead of buying beads-1 c. pasta (per color) + 2 T. rubbing alcohol + 2-3 drops food coloring = colored pasta beads
Love this idea.
Simple wind chime to make with toddlers - produces a fairy bells sound with a slight breeze and great for developing fine motor skills as you create together
Fingerprint dandelion craft
Toddler Craft: Bird Feeders    All you need is:    3/4 C. flour  1/2 C. water  1 envelope unflavored gelatin  3 TBS corn syrup  4 C. bird seed  Mix everything together except the bird seed.  Then add the bird seed, flatten out on a greased/lined cookie sheet.  cut shapes and allow to dry overnight.
3 ingredient puffy paint
Celebrate screen free week with books that show how fun it is to unplug
My First Monoprints. Squeeze blobs of paint into cookie sheet, lay paper on top, smooth down, lift off - easy printmaking for kids. Make a design in the paint and print again!
Natural brushes for art week,  exploring new mediums and techniques.
DIY: Bubble Shooter - Kids Activities Blog

More ideas
Names crafted out of things found in nature. Sounds like a fun idea with kids.
After a nature scavenger hunt, turn the nature objects into a pretty suncatcher for the window!
Heb je al proberen schilderen met melk en kleurstof ? Het laat een mooie glans achter op je tekeningen en het druipt veel minder.
Sempre criança:
The first time I made a batch of playdough for my son I was amazed. Amazed that the recipe worked, amazed at how quick and easy it was and, mostly, amazed at how much nicer it was than the kind that comes in a can. Smooth, supple and soft, even months later. If you're still buying dough in a can, I urge you to convert. And there's a whole world of art supplies you can make in your own kitchen - some I've never even heard of like flubber, glurch, gak and oobleck.
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Homemade bird feeders.  Stars would look cute hanging from the trees at Christmas time!
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