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Your mindset can change your financial future for either the better or the worst. If you're finding yourself failing into this common trap, a shift in your mindset can set you free.

15 Minute Meals from Rotisserie Chicken. BEST LIST EVER. We've had 3 of these this week with one chicken!!! PLUS, we got the rotisserie chicken for $2.49 at Walmart with the half priced trick she gave! My husband's freaking out excited! I work late and we

I really need to remember this. I hate the anxiety that I have been feeling lately. Prayers would be helpful.

I wonder - what does true Financial Success look like to you? Here is how to stop chasing everyone's else's dreams and figure out your own. via /iatllauren/

Tips for paying off debt. How to pay off debt quickly. Budget wisely. 5 Tips to Pay off debt in 33 months