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The heavenly dessert! One simple tag line is enough to speak about the dish. Rasmalais were unknown until few years back when M introd.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Spring Onion Rice/Vengaya Thal Sadham

I often overbuy stuff when I just see them fresh or after a long time especially veggies. This happened a week ago when i went for a c.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Eggless Butterless Chocolate Cake- Super Soft, Moi...

Eggless Butterless Chocolate Cake- Super Soft, Moist, Dark, Best Chocolate Cake Ever

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Corn Pulao/Sweet Corn Pulav

Hi All, If I start with a ”Happy New Year” wish, that will sound a little crazy as already a month is over by now. So i hope that ever.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Indian Gooseberry Rice / Nellikai Sadham/Ari Nelli...

Gooseberries are seasonal favourites of any Indian household. I have this tree at home that gives small variety gooseberries.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Eggless Apple Cinnamon Spiced Cake

This cake is one such that screams” CHRISTMAS”. I don’t know from when, but always the fragrance or aroma of cinnamon in baked goods i.


When mum planned to cook Biryani, I couldn’t stop thinking about baingan ka salan which created a long lasting impression in me.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Kohlapuri Egg Masala/Anda Rasa

If i say “I am a big fan of EGGS!” ,it would be an understatement. I am so in love with eggs and here is one of my treasured recipes, no.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Eggless Tutti Frutti Buttermilk Cake

Today I m with my first baked recipe, from an actual oven which i got months ago. I m no new to baking although i did take a break fro.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Vadacurry/Vadakari/Vadaikari

Now I have got used to scheduling the posts amidst my work and its seems to give an enormous satisfaction that is unexplainabl.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Raw Mango Rice/ Manga Sadham

Another lunch box recipe. This is one of the traditional recipes that we do often.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Egg Dum Biryani/ Mutta Biryani/Anda Biryani

It seems the world moves fast; likely really fast; may be a little too fast for me! Its already the end of 2015 and I am an year o.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Capsicum Rice/Kudaimilagai Sadham

Yet another lunch box recipe is what I am up to! What else can a working woman think of or come up with? I had all the colour capsicum.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Channa Pulao/Chickpea Pulav

I love cooking and eating variety or mixed rice. None in my family except Abhi likes them. Now since packing lunch boxes have become a.

CONCOCTIONS OF A COOKAHOLIC !!!: Beetroot Pulao/Beets Pulav

Beets are one of the few underrated veggies. They are rich in nutrients and are a ‘must’ I would say in a healthy diet. On that note.