EXAMPLE FOR THE CARE OF MAGICAL CREATURES ASSIGNMENT! Fairies: 1. Their powers: They can fly, and also turn invisible and change their appearance 2. They look human, only they have beautiful wings sprouting from their backs 3. They are very beautiful, manipulative, and mysterious

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lioness tattoo-I want a fox. Could be an option

I am not into tats. but of I change my mind, it would be something like this: My lioness, drawn by Meag and tattooed by Stephen Von Staats at Living Art Studio in Northampton, MA.

Different fairy. Like moon. With quote around it. Blowing stars over other quote between shoulder blades.

moon and fairy tattoo design. Love the fairy in this! I kinda want a fairy as my godmother tattoo (fairy godmother).

Bear With Baby Bear Tattoo

Mamma bear & cub tattoo Still healing at the time this was taken. Represents being a mom plus I love bears! I have 3 bear tattoos.