Dr. Oz's 3-Day Detox Cleanse--that first breakfast shake sounds delicious. LOVE almond butter.

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The strongest drink that burns tummy fat immediately!!! (Recipe)

The strongest drink that burns tummy fat immediately!

Iced Chia Green Tea Recipe

Iced Chia Green Tea Recipe: 1 cup Green tea, 1 tsp chia seeds, 1 tsp lemon juice Steep tea, mix in ingredients, pour over ice

Yummy fruit water! So good in the summer instead of pop.

Naturally Flavored Water An easy formula for making your own quick, healthy fruit and herb infused waters in endless varieties. - cute idea for spa "food"

This looks wonderful and easy; I will try this as soon as I can get some cranberries!!!!

Summary: Bringing well being and health to one’s life becomes possible with raw food cleanse diet. Many experts are suggesting such diets today for the purpose. But how good is the raw food cleanses diets? Benefits of Raw Food Cleanse Diet


Here are 11 diy juice cleanse recipes that are far cheaper than the stuff you can order from a juice bar or detox cleansing programs.

Kaila's Place | Cranberry Cleanser

Cranberry Cleanse This juice acts by cleansing your lymphatic system and eliminating body fat. This is a juicing recipe. it can be done in a blender but you should add at least a cup of water. Drink every morning for 7 days.

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