Use Golf Tees to put Balloons in the ground lining the walkway.

Party entrance Idea- use golf tees to keep in ground. Cut strings to length & attach to golf tee's ahead of time, then attach the balloons that day. What a great idea! Could use to enclose an area for party privacy :)

Spiele sind fantastisch und herrlich! Die 14 schönsten, selbstgemachten Spiele für Drinnen und Draußen! - DIY Bastelideen

This would be great for practicing addition skills. How to make a unique bean bag toss game from terra cotta pot saucers and a printable (which you can get for free by clicking through!

I would love to do this with me my mom and daughter. Wish gramma was still around :-(

Fathers day photography kids photo ideas for special and memorable gifts for dad. Take pictures to freeze the beautiful moment, best Fathers day gift ever.

hanging balloons #zulilybday

Love this idea! Hung balloons upside down using streamers. Gave me a great pic of the birthday boy waiting for his party guests!

Family Summer Olympics 2016 - Backyard Games

Adults and kids compete in a variety of backyard games including water balloon relays, jumbo beer pong, slosh ball, dodge ball, wheelbarrow races and more!

Wettrennen mit Luftballons

Wettrennen mit Luftballons

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