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Antiques ~ Vintage

Antiques ~ Vintage

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More tea, if you please.

pretty nail art love the gold line with the gold sparkles and the gray/neutral base.

Celebrity Nail Art from the Grammy Awards 2014

The past


So good! This is what can openers were

Vintage bowls: Love the color

Old Phone by JessieJanineGallery on Etsy, $25.00

Old phone booths. I kind of miss those days.

Create the perfect spot for pulling off boots by rescuing an old phone bench. My grandmother had one like this I would give anything to have it now..

Old phone booth

A vintage phone!

Someday I will have an old phone booth in my home or yard or somewhere :) They are awesome!

Wish phones still looked like this

Old Phone Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 5071769

The Irish Autism Action mobile phone recycling scheme to exchange old phones for iPads has made the local news in BAHRAIN!! www.autismireland...

Old phone ♥

Old phones

Love old phones

Love old phones ! (had one like this as a kid.)

cool vintage inspired Texaco Wall Art

Planes are one of the most numerous and important woodworking tools. There are many specialist planes each designed to produce a different shape and finish, and a carpenter would have used a wide range of them. This beech wood smoothing plane is a general purpose plane used by carpenters for producing a smooth finish. It is a nineteenth century tool, made by Richard Nelson of London.

There are a number of different names for this tool, including 'Old Woman's Tooth' and 'Granny's Tooth', both of which are fitting for this particular example. Router planes are used by coach builders and carpenters to clean the base of deep cut grooves and to give depth to carving work. Normally router planes were undecorated, home-made tools, and consequently have often not survived. This rare, highly carved example is made from walnut and was probably made in France in the16th or 17th century

Goes with my little guys room theme with all the old cars and planes.

Makes me want to travel. Vintage maps and cameras. Printables 705 by piddix.

Crayola Crayons, 1903 by Binney & Smith: Inspired by her students who longed for color, Alice Binney and Harold Smith mixed small batches of hand-mixed pigments, paraffin, talc and other waxes. Paper labels were rolled by hand and pasted onto each crayon which were then hand packed into individual boxes and shipped in wooden crates. Eight Crayons sold for 5 cents: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet, black, and brown. 'Crayon' came from 'craie' (chalk ) and, oleaginous (oily). aoghs #Crayon

Carbon Black and Oil Field Crayons -

A 19th century Inkwell, ink bottle and pen. In the 19th century students would learn to write in various ways. Some very young children were taught to write with their fingers in a box of sand. They would then progress to a slate, on which they would write with a slate pencil which could then be rubbed out and rewritten upon. They would then progress to the dip pen and inkwell as seen above, writing on paper, first on a copy book to learn how to write text correctly then on plain paper.


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