Tan's Gourmet Cupcakes

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two cookies sitting on top of a metal pan
Chocolate chip cookies. :-)
some cupcakes with red frosting and black eyes are arranged in the shape of sesame street characters
Elmo Cupcakes: very vanilla cupcakes, with colored vanilla bean buttercream. Enjoy the pic.
several cupcakes are arranged on a table
cupcake display
cupcakes with white frosting and black swirl designs on them sitting on a table
My tasty cupcakes in a lattice cupcake wrappers. Dress any cupcake up, & add an elegant touch, with cupcake wrappers.
cupcakes are stacked on top of each other with white frosting and flowers
40th Anniversary Cupcake display
three cupcakes with white frosting on top
Vanilla bean cupcakes, with a banana cream filling. Topped with vanilla bean buttercream.
cupcakes with pink frosting and yellow candles
Cherry Lemonade Cupcakes. Ummm, so tasty. :-)