Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre, early morning,Paris My absolute favorite place in the entire world.

What to Eat in Paris - A go-to list of the best restaurants, bakeries, and more!

An in-depth list of the best Paris restaurants, bakeries, chocolate shops and more.

Stairway to the sea at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England

Stairway to the sea at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England. Tintagel Castle is a medieval fortification located on the peninsula of Tintagel Island. Set high on the rugged North Cornwall coast.

Absolutely ❤ this!  Rue du Mail, Paris. c

linen lux by night / rue du mail, paris deco off Photo: LINEN & HEMP COMMUNITY. Rue de Mail in Paris decorated with lamp shadesy. Initiated by Club Masters of Linen in partnership with 29 ‘Editeurs’ and Paris Deco Off.

a little romance in Paris...

Yes, I would be happy to have coffee with you someday, in a French cafe. Or tea. Tea is nice :)

Le mur des je t'aime, Le square Jehan Rictus, Montmartre.

Love you sweetheart ~ Montmartre wall - Le mur des je t'aime, Le square Jehan Rictus, Montmartre, Paris. This wall has "I love you" written in 311 languages.

Passage de L'Ancre, Paris...là d'accord je veux bien habiter à Paris...

At 223 rue Saint-Martin, behind a blue door, hides Passage de L'Ancre, a passage discovered lined with pretty colorful shops whose Pep's boutique, the latest repair umbrellas of Paris.

Hidden Paris Photography Walking Tour. Site has GPS locations for every photo on the tour so you can find them yourself for free! #paris #ph...

Hidden Paris


Montmarte, Paris IIe de France - one of the most interesting places in Paris. Beautiful and full of art.

Pont des Arts, Paris

Hard to imagine this Lovers Bridge originated from a modern day Italian novel. Write your initials on a lock, attach it to the bridge, and toss the key in the Siene for everlasting love. My lock is there, if I can find it