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Hiroshi Yoshida - Hiroshi Yoshida, Artworks, Mt Fuji, Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Landscape For Sale at 1stdibs

Shin hanga (new prints) landscapes

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Baren shin (core) #皮白竹 #本ばれん #mokuhanga #baren

Baren and brush making

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Woodblock print designers

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Woodblock printers, carvers, and studios

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Angel shark skin for conditioning brushes

Woodblock tools

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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (月岡芳年) The spirit of Sugawara no Michizane attacks Fujiwara Shihei at the imperial palace in Kyoto. 1880
Paul Jacoulet

Preliminary and progressive process

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Utamaro (1750 - 1806)

Pictures of printing blocks (hangi)

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Unsōdō Publishing - The Lavenberg Collection of Japanese Prints
Sosan returning to his mother, c.1840 - Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Image result for watanabe publishing tokyo

Historical reference

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Clifton Karhu (1927 - 2007) - SAKURA FINE ART
IDO,Masao	[Light in the afternoon]
ido masao - Google Search

Modern and Sosaku hanga (self-printed woodblock)

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木版画工具 进口拳刀 年画刀 雕线刀 刻刀 进口刀 拳刀活字雕刀-淘宝网
木版 - Google Search

Other woodblock printmaking

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Things of beauty I like to see, Color woodcuts of animals by Allen William...
Utagawa Kuniyoshi: Tamakazura: The Diver Taking the Jewel (Tamatori ama), from the series Genji Clouds Matched with Ukiyo-e Pictures (Genji kumo ukiyo-e awase) - Museum of Fine Arts

Flora and fauna woodblock prints

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The Art of Japan - Fine Japanese prints and paintings
Artist:	Yoshitoshi (100 Phases)  Date:	1886  Size/Format:	Oban, Tate-e, 9.25 by 14 inches  Description:	A young woman sits in a small boat on Lake Biwa, weeping. Her right hand, wiping tears from her eyes, holds a plectrum with which she has been strumming the strings of her lute. She is richly dressed and her hair is loose in the courtly Heian manner  Series:	100 Phases of the Moon

People woodblock prints

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Inspirational imagery

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an image of a mountain with houses in the foreground and snow on the ground
Hiroshi Yoshida - Hiroshi Yoshida, Mount Fuji, Japan, Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Landscape
Hiroshi Yoshida - Hiroshi Yoshida, Artworks, Mt Fuji, Original Japanese Woodblock Print, Landscape For Sale at 1stdibs
a painting of boats on the water with trees in the backgroung and another boat at the far end
an image of a japanese landscape with mountains in the background and trees on either side
"Nakayamadaira, Miyagi Prefecture"
a painting of a mountain with trees around it
an ocean scene with waves and mountains in the background
Takeji Asano
two people walking in front of a red building with snow on the ground and trees
an illustration of a person holding a surfboard in front of a red tori tori gate
a man with long gray hair and glasses standing in front of a painting
Masami Teraoka | Biography | Catharine Clark Gallery