...wait for it...

And suddenly, a wild Benedict appears. And the reaction of the girl in the blue dress


I love that the stick figure silk has his cheekbones 😂🤣😭 Doodle sketch draw Benedict Cumberbatch

Exactly------- not exactly geeky, but it still works as a geek sort of thing-like- oh, I lost my train of thought again!

Benedict, you beautiful idiot!

Wait, did Ben seriously do this? He jump-photobombed at the Oscars. Ben, you're like a giant five-year-old sometimes.

Goodness he is handsome!

I love this picture because it includes two of my favorite things: Benedict Cumberbatch and soccer. --- I kinda like soccer so why not

I should just make it official and call this board "Benedict Cumberbatch (and a few fandom things)"

Benedict blowing us a kiss [x]

*kisses you* You've caught the kissing disease. (I'm quite alright with that!) Benedict Cumberbatch just blew me a kiss!

imagine opneing that door and Ben smiling at you from ear to ear like this.