Exactly------- not exactly geeky, but it still works as a geek sort of thing-like- oh, I lost my train of thought again!

Benedict, you beautiful idiot!

Wait, did Ben seriously do this? He jump-photobombed at the Oscars. Ben, you're like a giant five-year-old sometimes.

Eggs Benedict (Cumberbatch) (by embiearts)

Eggs Benedict (Cumberbatch) by embiearts. I could have pinned this to my Sherlock board, but. I think this is more clever to materialize as actual Easter egg ideas to do.

on set of Star Trek

I could watch him run up stairs all day. Not kidding.O (gifset)*Khan* <--- this little jerk is ruining my life but I love him too much to hate him NOOOOOO

Cumberbatch cardigan.

I love a man in a cardigan. Cumberbatch in cardigan, reputed to be made of boyfriend material.

Goodness he is handsome!

I would love to play some football right now with this man:) FIFA World Cup 2014