Goodness he is handsome!

...wait for it...

Oz Comicon 2014 Adelaide

Oz ComicCon Adelaide 2014


Cumberbatch cardigan.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Exactly------- not exactly geeky, but it still works as a geek sort of thing-like- oh, I lost my train of thought again!

Benedict Cumberbatch at premiere of 'The Fifth Estate' at the Toronto International Film Festival, 2013.

Two of my favorite things: Benedict Cumberbatch and cameras

Ok. I'm on the bandwagon. I drank the Kool-Aid. I'm smitten by the internet's British boyfriend. | 18 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Looked Like An Absolute GOD In A Suit

Benedict, you beautiful idiot!

Photobomb expert

"I went to the filming in North Gower and since Ben was very busy, I gave a letter to his bodyguard and satisfied for the day I gave up and went to a cafe. In the letter I joked about the fact that every time I tried to meet him, he would run away. Basically that beautiful soul took me a bit too seriously and sent his bodyguard to look for me! [They] took me to the trailers where I think I might have died because Benedict came out of his dressing room asking “Who’s Lisa?” and came to me..." ...

on set of Star Trek

Benedict Cumberbatch. Glastonbury Festival. look at that scruff...

Eggs Benedict (Cumberbatch) (by embiearts)

Molly Hooper & Sherlock Holmes, BBC Sherlock, S3E1 // LOL Anderson's theory was the best.

Benedict blowing us a kiss [x]

Benedict & Michael (Golden Globes 2014)

Benedict and Michael Fassbender (Golden Globes)

grooving at the Golden Globes 1-12-14

One of the most beautiful GIFS in the existence of all GIFS.

Backstage at jimmy Kimmel. Lost the photo credit.

Benedict Cumberbatch on Conan for The Hobbit.