Upcycled Recycled White Plastic Milk Jug Earrings

Fantastic Plastic Craft: Recycled and Upcycled! White Plastic Milk Jug Cut Out Jewelry/ Earrings.

How to make DIY jewelry out of an old magazine.

DIY Jewelry: Make Bracelets with Kids {Magazine Recycle}

Recycled Paper Jewelry

Like the mix of shapes: Recycled Paper Jewelry - OriginalBliss - The Beading Gem's Journal

Make beautiful metallic beads with recycled Tyvek envelopes from the post office.

DIY Tutorial - Make Beautiful Metallic Beads Using Recycled Tyvek Envelopes… - Sari Ribbon/Fiber & Wire Wrapped Cocoon Beads & Connectors -

These earrings are very quick and easy to make using recycled plastic and washi tape! #DIY #crafts

Colorful Washi Tape Earrings

Make some bright colorful washi tape earrings quickly and easily using recycled plastic. Use different washi tape to customize them to any colors you want!

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