TAPP - Think About Personal Pollution

TAPP - Think About Personal Pollution

Tallahassee, Florida / The TAPP program educates individuals on ways that small personal changes in home and yard practices can help keep local lakes, sinks and streams cleaner.
TAPP - Think About Personal Pollution
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How to build a Rain Garden in the low spots of your yard

A well-designed rain garden will drain in a day, so mosquito larvae will not have a chance to hatch. Native plants are the best choice for rain gardens and local nurseries can help you get started.

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Here's how you can be part of the stormwater solution!

How to Create an Effective Rain Garden

Cascades Park needs a statue of the founder of Tallahassee as the Capital City of Florida.

Rain barrel

MAKE IT AN ART PROJECT! DIY Rain Barrel Art A perfect DIY project for your garden. Save your money and take care of the environment too by harvesting water in a rain barrel. But not any rain barrel, do it in a painted, absolutely fabulous looking one.