Blood Orange Mimossa

Bleeding Mimosa: Champagne and Blood Orange Ice Cubes

Bleeding Mimosa: Champagne & Blood Orange Ice Cubes - - sounds delish regardless of the truly awful name!

Honeydew melon bellini

Cocktail recipe for a Honeydew melon bellini made with 5 cups of diced honeydew melon, about ½ of a large melon 2 tbs lime juice Sugar to taste based on the sweetness of the melon 1 bottle of chilled prosecco, champagne, cava or other sparkling wine

Carrot pineapple smoothie

Carrot Pineapple Smoothie

2 cups chopped pineapple 1 cup chopped carrot 1 cup ice ½ cup Nature's Nectar Premium Orange Juice Not From Concentrate 1 banana

Pear Rum Blush

Pear Rum Blush

Pear Rum Blush Cocktail 1 pear juice dark rum cherry grenadine 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 ounce prosecco Pear slice and cherry for garnish (optional)

Coconut Iced Coffee...

Coconut Iced Coffee…with Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Doughnuts

Coconut Iced Coffee with Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Doughnuts via Half Baked Harvest .but *I* am pinning this for the COFFEE!

Pineapple mint agua fresca

Tasty Tuesday: {Agua Fresca, Por Favor

Our bubbly update on the classic Champagne cocktail features delicious elderflower and fresh white peaches.

bubbly update on the classic champagne cocktail features delicious elderflower & fresh white peaches.

Cucumber Lime Agua Frescas

Cucumber Lime Agua Frescas

Cucumber Lime Agua Frescas - Fork Knife Swoon 2 medium-sized cucumbers, ends removed and roughly chopped 4 limes, juiced cup fresh mint leaves, plus more to garnish 1 cup water optional: tbsp agave syrup or sugar, to taste

Mint, Cucumber and Lime Crush

Mint, Cucumber and Lime Crush

Cucumber, Lime & Mint Crush Cocktail Serves 4 Juice of 3 limes 1 cup simple syrup cup white rum 2 lime, thinly sliced cucumber, thinly sliced fresh mint leafs ice club soda

rosé champagne mojitos

Rosé Champagne Mojitos. (with champagne syrup!)

This recipe for our Spicy Michelada is rimmed with salt, and simple topped with a lime wedge.

Spicy Michelada

Spicy Michelada – light Mexican beer of your choice with smoky paprika, cayenne pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco.

Blackberry and sage champagne cocktail

Blackberry & Sage Champagne Cocktails Recipe Beverages with honey, water, sage leaves, blackberries

Blackberry Thyme Sparkler

What says “celebrate” more than popping open a bottle of bubbly? So break out the champagne flutes and clink glasses to sunshine, warmer weather, and all other things spring with one of these nine effervescent cocktails.