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Pinterest Ideas for Teachers of Young Learners: blog.sproutenglis...

Black History Month lesson plan. blog.esllibrary.c...

English Lesson Plans for Black History Month – ESL Library Blog

Free #English printable idioms poster about love and relationships for Valentine's Day.

Love Idioms: A Poster for Valentine’s Day – ESL Library Blog

Writing Challenge: Weather Chat - EnglishClub

Writing Challenge: Weather Chat

Everything you need to know about commas!

Commas in Independent & Dependent Clauses – ESL Library Blog

Health Matters - An English course full of reading lessons based on interesting lists, such as 10 Signs That You Are Too Busy.

What's your story? Join English teachers around the world by sharing your story with Vicky Loras and The Loras Network.

What’s Your Story? – ESL Library Blog

A fun activity for practicing superlatives!

Find out about people and things that inspire English learners to learn the language.

Use Podcasts For Dictogloss Activities blog.esllibrary.c...

Tara Benwell's profile page on MyEnglishClub. Take monthly writing challenges with English learners from around the world.

Tara Benwell's Page

Sure, take your time! English for shopping.

English Lesson: "Sure, take your time." |

A great book for English language teachers and linguaphiles!

Alphabetique – A Book for Linguaphiles – ESL Library Blog

Telling Time Lesson Plan

Telling Time | Sprout English

English learners want to talk about real issues! This ESL Library podcast is about Mandatory Voting.

Podcast: Mandatory Voting – ESL Library Blog

A calendar of professional development opportunities for English language teachers, curated by Tyson Seburn. #ELT

ELT Event Calendar

Songs for practising English tenses.

Tense Songs | EnglishClub

This week's podcast is about overfishing. An interesting environmental discussion topic for English class. #Listening

Podcast: The End of Sushi? – ESL Library Blog

Collocations in English

Collocations | EnglishClub

Conversational Phrases in English (sorted alphabetically). Useful for speaking / conversation practice.

Conversational Phrases | EnglishClub

Learn about Christmas in #English.

Christmas | EnglishClub

Listen to "The Night Before Christmas" and follow along with the text.

The Night Before Christmas: Audio | EnglishClub

Free How to Make a Snowflake activity from Sprout English.

How to Make a Paper Snowflake | Sprout English

Check out "False Alarm," the NEW Detective series I wrote for ESL Library.

This free worksheet and activity combines listening, vocabulary, and grammar practice. Review prepositions of place as you teach your students how to set the table for a feast!

How to Set the Table: Prepositions of Place | Sprout English