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Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Cake. A layer of cheesecake sandwiched between two layers of vanilla cake. Best of both worlds : )

Red, White and Blue Cheesecake Cake ( 2 layers of vanilla cake with cheesecake sandwiched in the middle!) from RecipeGirl Love this but I'll put the red layer on the top ;

Round Blacklight Reactive Napkin Holder Ring - Pack of 6

Accentuate your black light table place settings using these blacklight reactive round napkin rings.

Tekno Bubbles - Glowing Blacklight Bubbles

TEKNO BUBBLES are patented, safe non-toxic blowing bubbles that look and act like normal bubbles under regular lighting, yet are unlike any other bubbles in the world. Blue Tekno Bubbles have a beautiful, brilliant glow under UV blacklight conditions.

Kryolan Ultra Bright Blacklight Reactive Lipstick. Tried the pink and even though it looks maroon under normal light it glows like there is no tomorrow under blacklight.

Kryolan Fluorescent Lipstick glow brilliantly under black light and is designed for black light makeup effects. It can be used on the hair or skin for fine detail body artwork.

5 pack Blacklight Marker Pens. For cool blacklight designs!

Blacklight Marker Pens 5 Pk - Use these water based Blacklight Responsive Marker Pens for all kinds of crafts and parties. These pens are blacklight responsive and glow in the dark

UV Neon Mascara - Glow Wear - Party Supplies

Create dramatic effects with UV Reactive Neon Mascara. Suitable for eyes & hair, this UV reactive make up fluoresces under UV blacklight. Buy at The Glow Company