Our Future Is So Bright...Adorable idea for an end of the year OR beginning of the year bulletin board.$ 1. All templates to make these adorable kids: head, hair, hands and sunglasses with pictures 2. Five different writing prompt pages 3. Bulletin board letters to display projects: Our Future Is So Bright! I hope you love this activity! Download the preview for more details!

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These would be great for a back to school project the first week with an "All about me book" to show off at Open House. It would go great with my safari theme!

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sculpture idea. would be great for middle school. Look at typography, design each letter of name and color, cut out and arrange into 3D sculpture. Very neat! Allison-Faye.com

Allison Faye | Artist | Teacher


Fraction Portraits

The Teaching Thief: Art + Math = Fractional Me


Use the book "Only One You". This would be really cool as a school-wide project!

My Primary Passion: Where Do I Begin?


Colorful Polyhedrons: A class of fifth graders made these striking polyhedrons. Each requires about 30 strips of construction paper, time, and problem-solving skills. But the results are pretty impressive, and they can be used as class decorations throughout the year; hang them in front of windows or (if it's allowed) from the ceiling. Photo: SpaldingArt.blogspot.com

Colorful Polyhedrons


It is Art Day!: Organizing Portfolio's for Open House

It is Art Day!: Organizing Portfolio's for Open House


MEDIA >> Animation... stop motion... could be fun for students to make, or prepare before (with images of students in the class or another hook) the lesson to teach principles of movement.

How to Make a Zoetrope


Catalonian Book Fetishists - 50 Watts - old timey animation, I like the tumblers

Catalonian Book Fetishists - 50 Watts


* Scientist #12 - how to make a zoetrope and watch your own "movie"

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DIY :: simple pattern bokeh. Love this! (Sister?!)

Christmas camera fun.


Make a DIY Zoetrope with Your Phone | Photojojo

Make a DIY Zoetrope with Your Phone | Photojojo


Masking Tape Shoes! This is the coolest project I've seen in a while. I wonder if I could do this/teach this?

art project | WVartist's Weblog


Examples of texture (handout for art...and using texture words in writing pieces)

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Amy's Artsy Adventures: 5th Grade Radial Relief Paper Designs

Amy's Artsy Adventures: 5th Grade Radial Relief Paper Designs


Students draw their eye then a favorite place? original from Kat Loveday

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Could be a neat way for students to explore a topic or to draw a single object from multiple views or media

| tobeinthelight: comingtocadmium: ...


Elements Of Art Value Worksheets | ... case you need a reminder about this weekends worksheet - here ya go

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chalk pastel idea.

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Spot of Color: 6th Grade Value Pumpkin Patch

Spot of Color: 6th Grade Value Pumpkin Patch


op art - analogous colors or any color scheme with weaving- would be cool contrast with curved and straight lines

Artsonia Museum » School Videos - Timberlane Regional Middle


Eileen Downes. "My collage artwork is composed of many layers of torn paper. I use torn magazine papers as my "palette of paint" working the image by adding and subtracting tonal values of paper until I create the desired effect. I enjoy how words, phrases, and imagery from the magazine papers appear almost magically between the edges of the torn paper adding to the meaning of the piece...."

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Elements of Art Review Project, for the beginning of a semester.

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Pointillism Images Complimentary Color and Value Study

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great lesson using value

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