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Air Spirit #ravenectar #visionaryart #art #trippy #psychedelic #sacred

Elements Air: "Air Spirit," by Cristina McAllister. I would love this in black & white

Take the lead in your community by starting a drum circle. Not sure where to start? Over the course of eight lessons, Kalani Music will teach you what a drum circle is, and how it differs from other forms of community drumming.

Want to join or start your own drum circle? This lesson by Kalani describes the need for a musical approach, defines main requirements, and more.

Drum circles are AMAZING. If you haven't done it, try it and when you have, you'll want to do it again and again...

What about drum circles to reach inner city kids, to build teamwork, interdependency and character while providing a stage on which to express themselves and find their voice?

Healing Through Drumming

Healing Through Drumming. Play with a drum or even your kitchen table! I LOVE to put Layne Redmond's CD Invoking the Muse in and play with my drum!

26 Hilarious Things That Little Kids Actually Said –

The LittleHoots app is dedicated to letting parents share all those little cute things their kids say. Here are a few highlights… [via huffpo]

How to keep indoor cats happy and stimulated

7 Tips for a Happy Indoor Cat - how to keep indoor cats happy and stimulated