Fun and festive Christmas ornament cupcakes! How adorable are these? So cute especially the way they are packed like they are just coming out of the ornament box with tissue and all to protect them! very merry for a merry christmas treat!


Crockpot Mexican Lasagna Stack Up

make with corn tortillas instead of flour! Crockpot Mexican Lasagna Stack Up Easy Family Dinner from Corey Fresh Meals. We are becoming big believers in the crockpot! And this is another easily gluten free dinner!


Chickpea Salad

Chickpea Salad- I pretty much eat this for lunch everyday. Too die for. CT - never tried much with chickpea's, but worth a try!


TexMex Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta with Blackened Chipotle Chicken, Black Beans & Spinach

FAST AND FLAVORFUL! Cream cheese roasted red pepper sauce spiced with chipotle chili powder, smoked paprika and cumin with blackened chipotle chicken. One of my all time favorite pastas!


Pecan Bars

Pecan Bars Recipe -- these buttery treats are made with an easy press-in-the-pan shortbread crust.