How to Make Moving Targets

How to Make Moving Targets: I have been looking for a guide as to how to construct moving targets to shoot and despite a million on threads on t'internet none had any pretty pictures, so I decided to make my own. Hope this helps

The Master Bundle-USPSA / 3GN Practice - Free Shipping

Practice Targets for USPSA, 3 Gun, Action Shooting Competition, Action Air - with Fully Reactive Plate Rack, Texas Star, Plates, Poppers, and Polish Plate Rack - Airsoft Steel for Practice and Training

Texas Star Steel Target

AR500 reactive steel targets not only give you the ringing sound when hit but, also provide a positive visual engagement! We carry an wide assortment of reactive targets including, KYL targets, mini poppers, dueling trees, hostage targets, spinner targets, swinger targets, texas star, and drop turner steel targets.

USPSA Master Kit

The master set is the most complete builder’s package available. It allows you to have full customization to build an awesome stage. It comes with the following items : 12 Blue Barrels 14 Fault Lines 2 Starting Boxes 1 Texas Star 1 Platerack 2 Activators 1 Activator Boxes 16 USPSA Targets 5 Hardcover Targets 16 Target Stands 1 Bianchi Barricade 12 US or Colt Poppers 6 Popper Stands 16 Walls 20 Wall stands 2 Tires 4 No Shoots 4 Double Targets 1 Table 1 Chair Default wall settings are: …

TFB Review: 3D Stage Builder Kits -

I discovered 3D Stage Builder in my flow on Facebook, as several friends had bought some of their kits. It looked like a great idea, and great ideas are for sharing. Hopefully you have a need for it, otherwise just enjoy the pictures of the nice stages.

Game Table, Zone Mortalis - Zone mortalis - Gallery

Opening an Airsoft Field

Opening an Airsoft Field So you have the airsoft gun, ammo, the tactical gear, and most importantly you convinced some friends to hop on board, what is left? Now you just need a place to utilize all your new equipment. If you are lucky enough to live in one of the airsoft hot spots, there is no lack of places to play. However for the other ninety percent, we usually have to rely on the generosity of private property owners. Some of my fondest airsoft memories are of a small group playing on…

Zipper 3/8 AR500 Steel Hostage Reactive Dueling Tree | Etsy

Set includes: (1) 3/8" 10.5X20 AR500 Shooting Target Body, (4) 3/8" X 4" AR500 Dueling Tree Swinging Tabs, and (1) T-Post Mount made from 3/8" AR500 with integrated hook for a hanger/gong. Our durable, 3/8" AR500 interlocking paddle rings allow for smooth and consistent paddle rotation. They are more durable and wear less over time compared to tube designs. These AR500 steel targets are great for most pistol and rifle calibers, including 9mm, 45ACP, .223, 30-06 & 308 as well as most other…