Julien Terraz

Julien Terraz

Post-Digital creative. @digitaslbi_labs leader. Playing with technology in pursuit of creativy.
Julien Terraz
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Alexander ceramic tile by Giles Miller.Available in glazed or matt finish, in an extensive variety of colours, this clever little tile can be rotated in any one of six directions to create different shades on a surface.


Part of a series of work proposing new architectural surfaces. This is a grid of nested hexagons with linework radiating from the center of each module. It was designed, drawn and fabricated digitally. The material is mdf milled with a CNC router.

Yris' Vengeance (above) | by chbenito

Yris spent years crafting the enchanted hull of the Vengeance (with the help of her friend, the wizard Gomer). The patterns that decorate the hull also channel and store magical power.