Gotta get one of these! Great for travel!!


Bring a shower curtain to the beach to make your own little pool in the sand. Babies can play in the water in the shade


Tips for a Baby at the Beach. This lady is genius! Bringing a baby tub to fill with ocean water is so smart! @Jeanne Bright Lynch Great Idea to Keep Kaylan cool this summer, put a beach umbrella over her and she would be one happy girl :)

Beautiful Servant: Baby…Vacation…Beach…What was I thinking?

26 Camping Hacks You Won’t Believe You’ve Been Living Without! (she: Mariah) - Or so she says...

Camping Hacks You Won't Believe You've Been Living Without
Your Modern Family

10 MUST-HAVES for your car~ IF YOU HAVE KIDS!

Great conversation starter for long road trips. Would You Rather questions with a free printable from The Measured Mom

The Measured Mom
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Disney Would You Rather - Free Printable Game

Disney Would You Rather - Free Printable Game

36 Kitchen Tips and Tricks That Nobody Told You About


36 of the BEST kitchen tips and tricks! (with pictures)

Free Printable Dry ERASABLE Road Trip Book for Kids - by U Create

Free Printable Road Trip Book

40 Top Products from I Want That, Season Three: The Drop Stop is designed to prevent that common and irritating occurrence of items falling between your car seat and center console. Lost coins, stray cellphones and errant French fries become a thing of the past once the Drop Stop is in place. See the video. From


40 Top Products from I Want That, Season Three

camping foods

The Gardening Cook

Camping Foods - Creative Ideas for Easy Meals -
simple as that

Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt - simple as that

OMG I WANT ONE! Giant Sandless Beach Mat. Sand and water are instantly filtered through as soon as they fall on this mat's surface - and it can't re-emerge back through the bottom! I HAVE TO GET ONE OF THESE THIS YEAR

The Green Head - Finds Cool New Stuff!
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89 camping tips to elevate any campsite

Trail Sherpa
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creamy baby oil = no bites. And you won't smell like bug repellent?! Yes!

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On my To Do List! #harrypotterland

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You want pancakes when you camp... But it's messy, you have to take milk and eggs... What if you pre-made it before you left and stored them in bags. Freeze it, pack it, and just cut the tip off when you are ready to cook. Easy clean up!.

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Rent a glass igloo in Finland to sleep under the northern lights.

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Are we there yet? ...make road trips FUN! #roadtrips

How Does She
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10 printable travel games for those summer road trips!

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Pee standing up in the woods!

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Improvised hand washing station. I like the paper towels on top. Good idea for Girls Camp

DIY & Crafts
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Travel Neck Pillow Cover | A Spoonful of Sugar

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DUTCH OVEN MADNESS ... truly this is crazy ... I have NEVER seen so many Dutch oven recipes!

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Have the Best Road Trip EVER with your kids using these fantastic games and ideas.

The Dating Divas
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