Guacamole Stuffed Chicken Breast Good to go for Phase 3! Just substitute sprouted grain bread crumbs for the Panko.

Guacamole Stuffed Chicken Breast - Sub milk for the eggs, and gf breadcrumbs for panko breadcrumbs. The chicken is smothered in guacamole; rolled up; coated in flavorful breadcrumbs; and baked.

---Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia---  4 (6-ounce) tilapia fillets  Cooking spray  1/2 cup fresh orange juice (about 1 orange)  3 tablespoons fresh lime juice  1 tablespoon brown sugar  1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil  2 teaspoons lower-sodium soy sauce  1/2 teaspoon salt  1/2 teaspoon ground cumin  1/4 teaspoon black pepper  1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper  2 garlic cloves, crushed  1/2 teaspoon paprika

Sweet and Spicy Citrus Tilapia

This easy tilapia recipe features tilapia fillets marinated iin orange juice, lime juice, brown sugar and soy sauce for a tasty fish dinner. // there are 44 absolutely delish looking tilapia recipes on this site mmmmm

Crab Hushpuppies

Crab Hushpuppies Recipe by Paula Deen

Paula Deen Crab Hushpuppies - These would have to be awesome! I think I would even leave out the make sure you get more of the crab flavor.

Great way to keep track!  drink a gallon a day! best way to encourage your weight loss!!  Could prepare in advance and do different infusions with ginger or whatever each day!

10 Motivation Ideas for Weight Loss - COOL IDEAS water bomb for drinking more water. check all 10 motivation ideas for weight loss on link. Make sure to check out my fitness tips, videos and killer athletic wear at

Skillet Cajun Spiced Flounder with Tomatoes

I have yet to make this with Flounder or Cajun seasoning but it's a great vehicle for other seasoning blends and works well with other white fish or chicken! LOVE Skillet Cajun Spiced Flounder with Tomatoes

Skinny Baked Lemon Dill Mahi Mahi :: Recipe

Skinny Baked Lemon Dill Mahi Mahi :: Recipe (Bows and Bouquets - Follow at

Baked Flounder with Fresh Lemon Pepper |

Baked Flounder with Fresh Lemon Pepper

For this baked flounder recipe use fresh lemon good olive oil freshly ground peppercorns and garlic and you’ll never look at lemon pepper the same again. Serve with steamed asparagus.

MY HCG DIET RECIPES: HcG diet recipe phase 2 P2: Grilled onion burger

Grilled onion burger, add a salad with this. Terry would love it to, no bun. He may like two burgers w/salad to be satisfied. still no sugar/cabs/artifical anything

HCG Diet Phase 2 Sweet and Sour Shrimp #hcg #hcgdiet

HCG sweet sour shrimp 100 grams shrimp 1 cup water ½ lemon with rind ½ orange with rind 3 tablespoons Bragg’s liquid aminos 1 tablespoon minced onion 1 clove garlic

HCG Diet (P3) "Healthy" Peanut Butter Eggs

HCG Diet (P3) "Healthy" Peanut Butter Eggs

HCG Diet (P3) Creamy Southwestern Taco Soup

Creamy Southwestern Taco Soup

low carb creamy taco soup -- omit onion and garlic, use New Mexico Chili powder (not the typical blends in the spice aisle) for low FODMAP.

Cauliflower-Asparagus Cakes

Haniela's: Cauliflower Asparagus Semolina Cakes - I think I would do this with cornmeal instead