bucket list: to have my first marriage be the one and only marriage to the love of my life

One of my favorite quotes, ever.

Marriage Quote by Martin Luther wooden sign. This quote would be pretty above a front door in pretty caligraphy.

Definitely. No question about it.

Bucket List: Stay in Cinderella's Castle Suite at Walt Disney World. good idea for my honeymoon ;


I want to ride an elephant in Thailand by (next ten years). I want to go to Thailand and help the missionary that I know there as well as ride an elephant there.

Preferably maid of honor

Luckily, I have had the honor of knocking this one off the bucket list already. Maid of Honor at my sister's wedding, my sister-in-law's wedding and bridesmaid in my friends wedding!

Smash a pie in someone's face. Why have I always wanted to do this? I've also wanted a pie smashed in my face to.


bucket list: find a four leaf clover. I remember when my mom would tell my sister and I to try and find a 4 leaf clover for good luck, would keep us entertained all day!


Filthy Rich Dream Wish List, maybe I'll buy this from my next check!

To Do List

the lemons & the elevator I think I will add to my to do list. Too funny!

@Terra Kittrell Brockway

I want to go on a roadtrip with my best friend, because we always do that every year. Its really fun to spend time with your best friend.


play in a human hamster ball - fun! I want to play!

Summer Bucket List 2013. I have always wanting to go to one!

drive-in movies. (which I keep calling drive-thru movies, for some reason); I remember this when I was a kid.I wish I could do it as an adult.

before I die..

Win the lottery! It's a long shot, but I'd never turn down money.

the notebook. ♥♥♥♥

Have love like allie and noahs love love quotes quotes quote the notebook love sayings allie noahs


Nah ill pass rather watch the movie cry a little then be in a small submarine as claustrophobic as I am I will die in there

Before I die

bucket list: dive into a pool of chocolate.just eat and dip stuff in chocolate. Cause chocolate would be sorta sticky. And it would be a waste of edible chocolate.