Seaside, Portofino, Italy

Seaside, Portofino, Italy this place looks like a dream a beautiful dream

So Beautiful, Venice

A stunning picture of a beautiful Venice sunset on the Grand Canal, Italy

Nice Beautiful back yard - custom pools Sweet Escape #luxury #SAGOPALMS #BuyPalms #REalPalmTrees

Luxurious rooms and the dream home, grand mansion, luxury home. Inspirations and ideas for your living room decor.

(101) La Dolce Vita

Side Street, Provence - France Love- love- love this place, my new space

#2: Attached a Lock to a Love Bridge.     Love Bridge In Venice

Romantic bridge with flowers at Venezia, Italy

The Love Bridge in Paris…

This is a bridge in Paris. You hang locks on it with the name of you & your boyfriend/girlfriend/bestfriend then throw the key into the river. So even though the friend/relationship may end, you can’t remove the lock. On the bucket list board you go!

Gondola ride in Venice

The Rialto Bridge, Grand Canal, Venice, Italy. So beautiful!