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two women sitting in a bathtub kissing each other
Love in a tub
After almost a decade, I finally got another "love in a tub" wedding couple. This one was taken by Golden Aura Photography as part of the 2018 Big Fake Wedding New England held at Willowdale Estates in Topsfield. I acted as Day Of Coordinator and had two table designs on display. Very cool event.
a bride and groom's purple sneakers with flowers on the grass in front of them
Purple sneakers as bridal shoes. Loved this bride! Loved this photographer! #nicolemarcellephotography
the bride and groom are getting married in front of an altar with greenery on it
Stunning handmade ketubah. Thrilled to have been part of this beautiful wedding. H/T to Derby Farm Flowers & Gardens, they outdid themselves!
two wedding rings sitting on top of a green plant next to each other with leaves in the background
If you look closely, you can see me in the reflection on the wedding bands!
two people are sitting in a bathtub together
This newly married couple in a tub is my all time favorite wedding portrait!
a board game made out of toilet paper and plastic cups is displayed in front of a woman's head
Custom welcome sign for Bar Mitzvah, designed by Tasks@Bey Events.