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今日も1日ありがとうございます! 真っ赤なちゃんちゃんこ、、じゃなくてスカジャンはマウジーとベティち

今日も1日ありがとうございます! 真っ赤なちゃんちゃんこ、、じゃなくてスカジャンはマウジーとベティち


Pict female warrior by Valkyrie.

Thierry Le Gouès - Photographer

Thierry Le Gouès - high contrast, black and white

How to pose a portrait: 54 creative ideas

How to pose a portrait: 54 creative id eas

Blickwinkel - Von oben nach unten und umgekehrt ...

High fashion Ideas Posing ideas I love all the layers that are going on in their clothes. Also, theirAyaz Malik How to pose a Portraits - Posing Guide ~

valeria mazza

Valeria Mazza - old Argentinian star of Mercedez-Benz Fashion show, mother of 4

woodsman suspenders Wah ini! semoga bisa segera keturutann..

woodsman suspenders and camera and a beard and the hair

apparently I think men should dress like they live in the wild west. - brad would look hilarious like this. But I agree with whoever wrote the above. This is def my man style

Boots + hat - the cigarette

Attract attention with this striking blue #Tuxedo ensemble, paired with nuanced red details.

Blue suit,red socks and blue shoes mxm men. If only the suit and shoes were red.

Need for Tweed | elegant lines and color coordination | #businessstyle #burgundytiepin #elegantgents

What do you think of this three-piece suit? We love the rich burgundy accents. My beau's suit for our special day