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"I can build a mech!" says Benny

neo classic space mech: heavy lifter + extra pair of arms for precision work

Lego Star Wars Rey's Speeder

UCS Rey´s Speeder got supporters on LEGO Ideas! Thanks to everyone who voted!

Admiral Ackbar

Our favorite space admiral, famous from his memetic lines like "Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!" and "Concentrate all fire on that Super Star Destroyer".

Lego ZIL 130 Tanker Truck

Aircraft cannot fly without ground support. This ZIL truck used to be a frequent sight at Soviet airfields. Somewhat unexpectedly, this is _not_ my design - it was graciously donated by yhoohooho with me repurposing it to a fuel truck.

Micro Lego Rogue One

LEGO Star Wars is one of the most popular LEGO themes of all time. Far beyond X-wings and TIE fighters, there’s a whole expanded universe of inspiration, and an army of LEGO fans ready to build whatever comes out of George Lucas’s head next.

LEGO Mech Reindeer-05

LEGO Mech Reindeer-05

Jurassic Park Jeep

Incredible LEGO Jurassic Park jeep looks right at home in the jungle

LEGO Mech Red-crowned crane-01

Nature's magnificence transformed into exquisite LEGO mechs